We believe that when every part of a business reflects its “brand”,
it is more successful than its competition.
After over 20 years working in the global television industry, we created our company with a mission to convert every business into a market leader. brandAnonymous delivers custom branding and promotion solutions equal to those engaged by international corporations.

Why should consumers choose your products or services over those of your competitors? We wrangle mavericks into prime Angus, ready to take to market. That’s anonymous cattle in case you were wonderin’ there, pardner! Based in Cambridge UK with an international location independent team, we measure our success by making our clients’ brands stand out.

We believe in creative excellence. We are committed to our craft. We work in collaboration with the Cambridge School of Art and Anglia Ruskin University Community Engagement to provide a mentoring scheme to give the next generation of creative industry professionals an opportunity to start their careers under the guidance of our award winning team.

We separate branding from marketing. Nowadays, “marketing” is an umbrella term used to describe anything from research to advertizing and sales, and beyond! At its core, marketing aligns two key concepts: knowing who and where target consumers are, and what drives them to engage with brands or products.


The best definition of "brand" we have settled on is “Identity Perception”. If you take your product to market without a consistent identity message, how will you create a memorable and unique perception? Successful brands grab and retain the attention of potential clients by creating an emotional connection with their target consumers.


The formula for creating any successful brand is based on two variables: time and money. It really is that simple. Building a world class, leading brand takes time. Significant expenditure can buy instant fame and recognition, yet, to remain front of mind requires continual and clever investment of both time and money.


We are green. We have chosen to be location independent because we believe it is the way of the future for both workers and businesses alike. Pairing clients with our creative experts, who also work remotely, allows us to invest in delivering exceptional services rather than expending energy on commuting or overheads.