‘All Along the Way’ Music Video


 she was loud
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“We are soooo excited to see the outcome of this clip. Thank you for believing in us!”
Jess Female Lead Singer

Last year, we made friends with she was loud. on Twitter. Why you might well ask? Well it’s because we were playing their SoundCloud page over and over and over and couldn’t believe they aren’t signed. One thing led to another and we offered to support them in making a music video for their most popular song to date, “All Along the Way”.

she was loud. is a Melbourne based Australian band made up of a group of childhood friends who make music and release it for free to their fans. We thought one of their fans should pay it back by making something for them!

Band leader Diz and the rest of the band, have not only been very gracious in giving us free reign in making promotional videos of them (to raise funds to cover our filming expenses), they are also trusting us with the creation of the music clip for “All Along the Way”.

Their ultimate ambition is to be able to do music full time and tour the world. They plan to start in Melbourne later this year after the release of their next EP. We’re hoping the music video gets them instant international recognition!

The final video will be officially released before the summer. In the meantime enjoy getting to know the band a little bit better.

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