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Nurses’ Recruitment Films

The Corporate Communications team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital commissioned brandAnonymous to conceptualize and produce a series of films to include as part of a major nationwide and European recruitment drive for nursing staff. The films have been a key component of the initiative and have had coverage in local press, Cambridge News, and on local TV, BBC Breakfast News, as well as on Twitter and at recruitment fairs.

In keeping with our client’s existing brand values and assets, our team was briefed to produce a main recruitment film and another film to drive viral traffic on Social Media sites. Working collaboratively with Addenbrooke’s, we devised a much larger campaign showing all sides of the rapport and relationships between nurses and their patients to reinforce the trust’s “Safe, Kind and Excellent” values as defined by the nursing staff. The films portray real patients, real nurses, real carers and family members, sharing real experiences of the care they receive at Cambridge University Hospitals.

The films are provided below and can be seen in situ via the Addenbrooke’s web site here: www.cuh.org.uk/cms/corporate-information/working-for-us/nursing-with-us/nurse-recruitment-videos-cuhnursevideo

Concept Development, Creative Strategy, Production & Creative Direction, Production, Post Production, Original Music Composition & Production, Film Title Design & Motion Graphics.

Making Of

Addenbrooke’s Full Length Nurses’ Recruitment Film

Barbara, Addenbrooke’s patient

Emma, Addenbrooke’s patient

Georgia, Addenbrooke’s patient

Johnny & Tristan, Addenbrooke’s patients

Junior Sister Andrea Hunt, Oncology

Senior Clinical Nurse Di Sanderson, Childrens

Staff Nurse Gloria Anyaegbu, Oncology

Senior Sister Nicola Owen, Neuroscience

Sister Polly Read, Neuroscience

Clinial Nurse Specialist Regin Lagaac, Dialysis