How Music Helps Us Learn


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How Music Helps Us Learn

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all you have done in making this film.  It was incredibly well received at its premiere at the Music Education Expo in London in February 2017 and is already making an impact.  The CEO of ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians – the leading industry body for music, musicians, and music educators) sought me out asking for the details as she’d heard about it from another delegate.  The CEO of Youth Music was really interested, the music representative of the National Union for Teachers is on the case for promoting it to generalist teachers, and so many others are on-board besides.  I think the music industry is very firmly on our side and deeply impressed so that’s a great first step (the music world is notoriously hard to unite) – next stop, generalist teachers, Heads, governors, parents etc.” Alice Harper Cantab, Trustee of Churchill Music!

A music charity based in Bristol came to us in 2015 with a mission to help communicate the importance of teaching children a musical instrument as part of their overall education. Churchill Music! had received a grant from the Arts Council England to make a film and needed a creative and production partner to make it. One of the trustees, Alice Harper who is based in Cambridge, asked if we would be interested in helping Churchill Music! create this film. With our existing connections to the Music and Performing Arts department at Anglia Ruskin University and more specifically Professor Helen Odell-Miller OBE and her team of academics and researchers, this project was one we had to make!

Our research had us contacting academics internationally including Dr Anita Collins from Canberra University who kindly guided us through the neuroscientific research of how music affects the brain. Two pioneering schools in London and Bristol gave us total access to film primary school children learning music at various ages from reception to year 6 as well as letting us observe national curriculum based lessons with the same children. Gallions Primary School in Beckon East London have been using music for almost 20 years while Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy in Knowle near Bristol are led by a passionate and determined Head who recently implemented music after the school had been in special measures twice.

Our crew was truly humbled during filming at both schools. The work being done to keep their respective music programmes going is amazing. Please share this film narrated by actor John Hannah. Particularly with anyone you may know in primary school education as this message is too important to ignore. Thank you.

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