Maker Challenge 2015


 Collusion, Cambridge
digital, events

Maker Challenge 2015

“It’s a really nice film, moves around all of the participants really well. Well done Leo & Reeta, the film is looking great!”
Simon and Rachel Company Directors

Collusion is a new not for profit organisation in Cambridge who are supported by Arts Funding grants and local partnerships and sponsors. Their mission is to make Cambridge the best that it can be by asking members of the technology sector to collaborate with arts practitioners to find solutions to some of the city’s challenges.

Collusion asked us to create a highlight film of an event they held over 3 weekend over a period of 3 months which culminated in a final solutions presentation at this year’s University of Cambridge Science Festival.

Our crew followed the 4 teams made up of local artists, engineers, designers, council employees, as they tackled how to create a space to enjoy the market square during twilight hours, rethinking the Mill Road area using Minecraft, updating the lights throughout the city to be energy efficient and to give useful information to the community as well as looking at ways to get the general public to know more about what’s happening in the city.

The outcomes from each team have already started to generate results as various government, private and public sector groups look at ways to realise the ideas that were conceived and developed.

Concept Development, Creative Direction, Filming, Brand Guardianship, Promotion, Pre to Post Production, Editing, Sound Design.