brandAnonymous is a creative advertising agency specialising in brand communications. Our goal is to help you wrangle your mavericks into prime Angus, ready to take to market. That’s anonymous cattle in case you were wonderin’ there, pardner!

We create unique identities to help build brand equity. We produce bespoke content marketing solutions. For consistency of brand communications, we also offer brand guardianship services.

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Incubator for film, tv and digital content.

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Our philanthropic projects.

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Leo Reitzell

Creative Director

Fine penwrite

Richard M. Moore

Lead Writer/ Director

Lucy Price


Kristian Sakulku

Line Producer

All about music

Todd Reitzell

Managing Director/ Sound

Catherine Ashenden

Producer/ Director

Sam Holmar


Sophie Verrillo

Art Director/ Designer

About Us

We’re mass media experts who have produced multi-media award-winning creative to communicate to audiences worldwide. You’ve likely seen our work on TV, in films, in print, digital or online, but as the company name indicates, we prefer to remain behind the scenes!

Our corporate experience is in advertising and branding in mass media. For over 20 years, our directors worked in London developing, creating and broadcasting content at global companies including MTV, ABC, Disney and Discovery Channel, as well as for international brands such as Coca-Cola, Huyndai, Luxotica, Nintendo and Swatch.

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Our Location

St John’s Innovation Centre
Cowley Road

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