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We specialize in brand communications.  We create unique identities to help build brand equity. We produce bespoke content marketing solutions. 

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Our Philosophy

We seek to inspire through pedagogy and community. We are passionate about the arts and science and inspired to champion philanthropy. Our team is committed to community outreach. We are driven to create thought provoking films, meaningful branding, and engaging public art for our clients as well as for arts, charity, and community organisations.

Our Heritage

We have mass media experience is in the film and television industry creating content as well as advertising and branding. For over 20 years, our senior team worked in London developing, creating and broadcasting content at global companies including MTV, ABC, Disney and Discovery Channel, as well as for international brands: Coca-Cola, Huyndai, Luxotica, Nintendo and Swatch. 


Our Primary Objective

When we founded the company, our vision was to give the next generation of audio-visual artists and technicians opportunities to start their careers. Mentored by seasoned film and television professionals, students and recent graduates from art, music, performance, production and design work on our productions to gain experience, industry credits, and build their portfolios. 

Our Unique Approach

Comprising over 12 nationalities, our team’s skills and expertise span from traditional practices to working with new technology.  We work with both private and public sector clients with a focus on health, research, and education; in the UK, France, and America. We also devise and produce our own creative content, making films, art, and apps about ideas that spark our curiosity.